Thursday, November 21, 2019

Pathophysiology of Malabsorption Syndrome (at the cellullar, tissue Research Paper

Pathophysiology of Malabsorption Syndrome (at the cellullar, tissue and organ level) - Research Paper Example And lastly the transport system of these necessary elements can be affected because of which these nutrients would not be going inside. At the cellular level the malabsorption syndrome can occur due to destruction of cells of pancreas or liver which would produce the necessary juices for the digestion of nutrients. The primary mucosal cell abnormalities can cause deficiency in the transport system of the nutrients. Bacteria can overgrow in these mucosal cells which can cause deficiency of the necessary nutrients. Individuals with Malabsorption syndrome would commonly show signs of diarrhoea, flatus and pain in abdomen. This would be generally seen in individuals who have excessive secretion of intestinal juices. Similarly the hematopoetic system of that individual would also be affected because of the lack of nutrients. Lack of red blood cells and bleeding can occur at such instances. The endocrine system can also be affected of the individual through lack of the nutrients required for hormones. Calcium levels can be affected because of lack of Vitamin D and this can further lead to hyperparathyroidism. Individuals with Malabsorption syndromes show problems with their epidermis and skin because of lack of nutrients required for the development of skin. Nervous system is also affected in this syndrome such as in the deficiency of Vitamin A and B12. The treatment for malabsorption Syndrome depends on the exact cause of the disease. That is if the intraluminal digestion is affected then the exact cause of that defect should be discovered first. If a nutrient is deficient in the body it would be given orally or intravenously to the patient. Enzyme deficiencies can be tackled with treatment from oral or injected enzymes. Similarly the growth of bacteria in the cells can also be stopped by giving antibiotics. Some examples of Malabsorption syndrome are pancreatitis,

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