Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Justin Leung Essays (390 words) - Education, Sexuality And Society

Justin Leung 3/11/17 The controversy behind the censorship of books holds many viewpoints. Books have been enhancing students comprehension of advanced literature and exposed them to a level of maturity that creates a better person of quality. On the contrary, parents have been arguing to school officials and administration about certain reading material and content being offensive and upsetting to many students. From a positive viewpoint, books embodying controversy are a good way to open students and young readers to the world at a different set of eyes to the one as adults and grown-ups see it. The fact remains that many students see these books as wrong and ineffective in "embodying" an eased transition into a new world and level of maturity. This, books upholding controversy should be censored and banned. Books of controversial attributes and feelings should be banned and censored. For instance, the text of the article "Book-Banning Now" states, "Most frequently, books are challenged because they contain profanity or violence, sex or sex education, homosexuality, witchcraft, and the new age' philosophies, portrayals of rebellious children, or "politically incorrect", racist, or sexist language." This demonstrates how these books of controversy hold many "advanced" and incorrect ideas that are publicly available and easily accessible for students to obtain and misuse for inappropriate behavior. In addition, the text of "Some FAQ About First Amendments" stated, "Though public school students do possess First amendment freedoms, the courts allow school officials to regulate certain types of student expression. For example, school officials may prohibit speech that substantially disrupts the school environment or that invades the rights of others. Many courts have held that school offi cials can restrict student speech that is lewd." This indicates that student's free expression and access to all kinds of books may tend to lead to disruption and focus in a learning environment not only to the students but those around them as well as the instructor leading the class. In conclusion, schools should ban and censor controversial reading material and content. Although these kinds of books can indefinitely allow students to embrace a world of maturity, this ultimately ends up in a majority of students who misuse the free and public access to that type of material and abuse the content in inappropriate behavior and action in schools and outside schools.

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