Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Sample Compare and Contrast Essay - A Standard Essay

Sample Compare and Contrast Essay - A Standard EssaySample Compare and Contrast Essay - A standard essay, there is always something of interest in a sample. Here is one that might interest you. You see, I am doing a contract job for a new company. I am using the MySpace and MSN web sites to share information with friends and family.They are willing to pay me to put up my site on MySpace and MSN. I will be posting other materials on these sites as well, but so far I want to put up my profile page. Now, if they like it, they will want to stay on the website to use my site. If I do not like it, they will see that I have left my profile and go elsewhere for information.This sounds great, but it's a one-way street, this is the way they will find out who I am. So, they will follow me around on MySpace and MSN to see who I am. Now, this is where I will want to put up my profile page. Then I will put up pictures, a short biography, and some personal details. My profile page will also contain some information about myself.I have put up a MySpace site with my friends, it has one picture, and has a link to my site. There are several other pictures on my MSN site. I have changed the profile page to add a few more pictures.But, now you ask, if I have my profile page, do I really want people to find out who I am by simply going to MySpace? The answer is no. I need to create a MySpace site, and start building my MySpace page. First I need to get my page organized. It may be that my profile looks more organized without a picture, maybe with a picture and description. My web site will feature the same information that I am providing on my profile. That information can include pictures and a resume. So, I will leave the profile page and will add some pictures of myself in other places.For my site, I will be starting at the top and working my way down. In my home page, I will put up pictures of my family, pets, and just my general place. Then I will put up a picture of my house. Next, I will post a picture of my living room. Then I will post a picture of my porch and yard.This is what I call a web site, the MySpace site and MSN site. I will choose one from each and start building my web site.

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